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Heel Vertigoheel 30ml

Title :

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Practitioner Product - to purchase this online please call us on 07 576 9442 so one of our practitioners can discuss the product with you and give you a code to activate at checkout.

For the treatment of the symptoms of vertigo and other imbalance disorders including
nausea, motion sickness and dizziness.


Each 100 ml contains: Cocculus indicus 4X 70 ml; Conium maculatum 3X,
Ambra grisea 6X, Petroleum 8X 10 ml each. Contains ethyl alcohol 25% by volume.


Adults and children above 11 years: 15 to 20 drops taken under the tongue (sublingual) 3 times daily.

Children 2 to 11 years: Half the adult dosage. Due to its alcohol content (Ethyl alcohol
35% by volume),

Vertigoheel Oral Drops should be administered with caution to children under 12 years of age.

Side effects: None known

Interaction with other medication: None known

Warning: Vertigoheel should not be administered for more than 10 days for adults or 5 days for children without follow-up assessment by a physician.


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