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Turbo Tonic Turmeric Ginger & Lime Concentrate 500ml

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Turbo Tonics are handmade in the beautiful seaside community of Leigh, NZ.

Turbo Tonic Turmeric Ginger & Lime concentrate is designed to turbo charge your health and strengthen your well-being. Aside from the myriad benefits for your physical being, you just can’t drink it without smiling because just looking at it makes you feel better.

It's recommend you take it as part of your daily wellness routine to help maintain optimal health, reduce symptoms related to inflammation related conditions or as a super boost for your immune system when it is “in negotiation” with bacteria or a virus.

Turbo Tonic have an unrivalled intensity because they are not diluted, they are concentrates which you take as a shot or use like cordial to make a hot or cold drink. (500ml makes at least 3 litres )

Turbo Tonic’s Turmeric, Ginger & Lime concentrate contains an exceptional amount of cold pressed fresh turmeric juice (27%) , each 500ml bottle contains the juice of 220g of fresh Fijian turmeric root. Turbo Tonic estimates* that every 50ml serving contains at least 660mg of curcuminoids and have added black pepper to increase bioavailability. Their lime juice is grown and pressed in NZ and the honey used is 30+ MGO Manuka Blend.

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