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BePure Folate Restore 30caps

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BePure Folate Restore is a high-quality blend of methylated folate, folinic acid and iodine to support women before conception, during pregnancy and postpartum.

Folate provides healthy neural and foetal development for baby and prevents folate deficiency and anaemia for mum. Folate is particularly crucial in the first few weeks of pregnancy, so if you’re planning on bringing a little one into the world, we recommend starting to prepare your body at least 3 months prior to conception to ensure your body is at its most prepared to carry a baby.

Just one capsule a day provides:

250mcg folinic acid
250mcg methylated folate
100mcg iodine

True to form, BePure have used the most bioavailable and best quality forms of folate—Folinic acid and methylated Folate for effective absorption.
Supports healthy foetal development.
Added iodine for healthy brain development in babies and thyroid function support for mum.

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