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Golden Fields Dandelion Leaves Loose 100g

Title :

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Everyone Knows the invading "weed" of endless golden flowers and toothed leaves; its powerful finger thick roots reaching deep down to draw nourishment from the earth.

This Dandelion is grown on Goldenfields own organic farm in New Zealand. The flowers are picked in spring, the leaves cut in summer, the roots dug in autumn.

It is a smooth drink with pleasant bitterness, which characterises the liver - aiding and blood cleansing properties of the plant.

How to use

Infuse in boiling water 2 teaspoons per cup for 10 - 15 minutes. Keep covered while infusing. It is recommended to make a 2 - 3 weeks cure every change of season rather than drinking it continuously all year round.

Take in the morning or one and a half hours after a meal or before resting.


100%  Dried Dandelion Leaves (taraxacum officinale) grown in New Zealand and hand picked. Certified organic.


Store away from light (ie in a brown paper bag or in a tin) 

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