Why you need Oral Probiotics

Jan 14 , 2020

Why you need Oral Probiotics

Oral probiotics work by introducing powerful and proven beneficial bacteria, such as the S. Salivarius strain known as BLIS K-12, to the mouth. These beneficial bacteria work on multiple fronts:

1) they “crowd out” the other harmful bacteria

2) they produce natural anti-bacterial agents that kill the “bad bacteria” naturally

3) they reduce the acidic pH levels found in unhealthy mouths and

4) provide powerful immune support.

The result is a fresher and more balanced oral environment that is both healthier and more disease resistant – best of all, this all takes place naturally and without any nasty chemicals or additives!


In 2006 a clinical study was published in the Swedish Journal of Dentistry. 59 indidviduals that suffered from moderate to severe Gingivitis were included in the study. Half were given oral probiotics and the other half were given placebos. At the end of the study the researchers concluded that the oral probiotics were efficacious in reducing both gingivitis and plaque in patients with moderate to severe gingivitis.


In a clinical study conducted in 2013 a group of individuals were all given deep scaling cleanings. Half the group then received oral probiotics and the other half received placebos. The study concluded that there was a significant positive improvement in those that received the oral probiotics and that oral probiotics could be useful in the treatment of chronic periodontal conditions.


In 2001 a key study was done which included 594 children, 1-6 years old, who consumed milk that contained oral probiotics. The study lasted for 7 months. At the end of the trial it was clearly noted that the consumation of the oral probiotics was able to not only reduce S. mutans counts but was also able to produce a significant improvement in the risk of dental caries (cavitites).


Cavities are largely caused by the effects of the bacteria known as Streptococcus mutans. This bacteria adheres to the bio lm on the tooth surface, produces acid as a part of its life-cycle and the acid eats away at the enamel-resulting in cavities and decay. Multiple studies have supported the ability of oral probiotics to A) reduce the levels of S. mutans, B) inhibit the ability of S. mutans to adhere and C) reduce the acidity PH level in the mouth.


Numerous studies have supported the beneficial power of oral probiotics to reduce the factors that are at the root of most chronic bad breath. Results from a 2014 study conducted in Japan supported that the daily oral consumption of tablets containing probiotic lactobacilli can be quite beneficial in controlling oral malodor and its related factors-simply put, fresher and cleaner breath!

Target bad breath and poor oral health at its SOURCE... Bacterial Overgrowth! The primary source of bad breath are the sulfurous gases produced by bacterial overgrowth in the mouth, mostly created in your tongue. The beneficial bacteria in our formulation crowds out the stink producing bacteria, while working to rebalance your oral environment into a fresher and healthier state. With less "bad bacteria" at work the obnoxious, foul gases fade away–giving you not only naturally fresher breath but a healthier mouth as well!

While mouthwashes and other oral products work to kill bacteria in your mouth they also attack all bacteria, including the beneficial ones. Bacteria is NOT bad for you, in fact we have millions and millions of bacteria in our mouths and bodies. We depend upon them for our very life. But many health issues have their start when certain bacteria strains grow out of balance and produce acids, gases and other by-products which weaken your natural systems and cause problems such as yeast infections, bad breath, tooth decay and bad breath.

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