Taking Care of Your Throat

May 10 , 2021

Taking Care of Your Throat

With the change of season we often see people succumb to a cold or flu and frequently a sore throat is the very first sign. Now is the time to act! So reach for some colloidal silver to gargle (and spit that lot out) followed by another dose to swallow. This can be done a number of times over the course of the day to deal with any pathogenic rogues. Colloidal silver is also great to take if you're flying anywhere. We even have 100ml size travel bottles you can take on the plane if you're going on holiday in NZ or to Australia. We also have some wonderful throat sprays made by Artemis and Kiwiherb that contain herbs with an anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-microbial action and other ingredients like honey and/or essential oils to help soothe away the discomfort. Talk to us in store to see which product would suit you best.  

For people prone to strep throat the amazing Blis Lozenges contain a probiotic Streptococcus Salivarius which means 'no entry to bad bugs.' This works by helping to support your natural immune defences by inhibiting and crowding out bad, illness-causing bacteria. This product is safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding and is recommended for children from the age of three. Biotrace have a liquid form of this probiotic called Prebiotic Oral Refresh which helps  maintain a healthy mouth, throat and upper respiratory tract.

Harker Herbals offers a number of useful remedies including 'Ear, Nose & Throat' which is specifically designed for the upper respiratory tract. This is a potent formulation of herbs and essential oils. It is great to begin taking at the onset of ills and chills to help soothe and support a healthy immune response. Herbal Potential makes a lovely 'Voice' tea which is for acute respiratory conditions and may help with throat, lungs and of course your voice. 

We also have a great range of lozenges available. Come and see us in store to check out the range or you can also see them on our website.