Let's Talk About Salt

Nov 08 , 2023

Let's Talk About Salt

Many salts contain anti-caking agents and even dextrose (sugar). Others have been heat-processed and stripped of their natural trace minerals. The best salt is an unrefined salt – one that has not been processed and still has its entire mineral content. 

Differences & Similarities between Redmond Real Salt, and Celtic or Himalayan Salt

The major similarities are that all three are unrefined and do not have additives. "Unrefined" means the salt has not been stripped of naturally occurring trace minerals that are important for good health and make the salt taste great.  "No additives" is self-explanatory – these salts do not have fillers, anti-caking agents, or other human-made additions. 

The tastes are similar, with subtle differences.  All three taste better than refined table salt. In a taste comparison, Real salt is a bit sweeter, while Himalayan is a little more earthy.  Celtic is a "wet" salt that gives it a unique texture and briny flavour that is quite tasty.

CELTIC SALT has 84 minerals but has 3 different Magnesium's and magnesium is what we call the "King of the Minerals". It has over 300 uses in the body. Magnesium helps the cells in the body to be hydrated, by acting as a pump to the cell. It helps water go into the cell and flush out chemicals and toxins out. When we just drink water without salt, you may find that you are rushing to find a bathroom and many people don't drink enough water because of the inconvenience. Celtic Salt has high amounts of magnesium, and it helps the water to go into the cell and you spend less time going to the bathroom. Celtic Salt is a wetter salt, because of the magnesium (Magnesium is a hungry water molecule). It contains more magnesium, potassium and calcium than other salts (and more other beneficial minerals!) and lower amounts of chloride and sodium.   

Celtic Salt is a great salt harvested from the current ocean in France. They do a terrific job with their salt, harvesting it by hand from clay-lined pools and leave it unprocessed so it contains those important trace minerals. The clay pools and the salt's trace minerals give Celtic salt its gray colour. It's a very wet salt, which makes for some amazing texture and flavour combinations.  

REDMOND REAL SALT is an all-natural, unrefined sea salt harvested from an ancient ocean that deposited its sea salt millions of years before humans began polluting our oceans. It contains 60+ naturally occurring trace minerals, and it’s never processed or chemically treated. 

Real Salt is mined in Redmond, in Central Utah, from the remnants of an ancient inland sea. Salt settled to the bottom of the Sundance Sea in the Jurassic Period of the Mesozoic Era, roughly 200 to 145 million years ago. Trapped under 5,000 feet of volcanic ash and bentonite clay, it stayed pristine for aeons. The walls, ceiling, even the ground. Nothing but salt. The deepest part of the salt mine is about 900 feet underground. It’s full of natural minerals that make it healthy, delicious, and has a pink or red hue. 

HIMALAYAN SALT has 84 minerals and is still a good salt but it has less Magnesium. Himalayan salt, also called rock salt, is mined. It’s been compressed for millennia or longer. Understandably, one reason many people think Himalayan salt is superior is that it’s old, so it must be less contaminated. But the fact that it’s a rock salt and cannot be easily assimilated overshadows that truth.  Making sole (pronounced so’-lay) with Himalayan salt helps to some extent because the overnight soaking of the salt in water allows the salt to become digestible again.