Homeopathy and Pregnancy

Sep 02 , 2020

Homeopathy and Pregnancy

When you are pregnant there are so many things to avoid. Even our healthy supplements may need to be changed, but the one thing you can count on is homeopathy. Homeopathy is a safe natural therapy to use before, during and after pregnancy. It can also be used safely in labour, and for our precious babies and children.

Remedies may be used in acute situations like morning sickness, mastitis and haemorrhoids or for more chronic conditions when other things can’t be taken. Though if your symptoms are part of a chronic or ongoing picture then a consultation would be more beneficial.


Here are some of the remedies commonly used in morning sickness and the symptoms that may indicate their use.

Arsenicum Alb - Everything she eats or drinks comes back up. Nausea is worse from the smell, sight or thought of food. The vomiting is worse for being anxious and better for sips of warm water. She is restless but tired and feels the cold.

Colchicum - Nausea is much worse for the smell, thought or sight of food but especially worse for fish, eggs or the smell of cooking meat. Nausea can last all day and vomiting can last till bile is being vomited or there can be dry vomiting, vomiting of saliva or mucus. Women can feel like she must eat and have a desire for fizzy drinks.

Ipecacuanha - Nausea is not relieved by vomiting. It comes in waves and she may have excess saliva. Vomiting may be violent to the point that she may see blood in it. If there is a clean looking tongue and nausea/vomiting along with a headache then this remedy may be indicated.

Nux Vomica - If only she could vomit she would feel better. There could be a lot of burping and sensitivity to light, smell and noise. She will be very irritable. Nausea will be worse after eating, in the morning and aggravated by tight clothing. Vomiting may be sour and violent. She may also have heartburn or constipation.

Sepia - This is another remedy with nausea from the smell, sight or even the thought of food. Nausea may be better for eating. This remedy is set apart from the others by her emotional state. She may be very sensitive but also indifferent to loved ones including her partner and children as well as life in general. She may also be easily offended, very angry and irritable.

Symphoricarpus Racemosa - Nausea with violent vomiting. There may be blood in vomit from the intensity of vomiting! Nausea and vomiting is worse from any movement and the smell of food. Laying on her back may relieve symptoms. This is the remedy to try when nothing else works.

NB : As always please see your health care professional if you have any concerns or intense or ongoing symptoms. For more information or to make an appointment in our clinic contact Karen Box - essentiahomeopathy@outlook.com or 0274383466