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Tru2U Sleep Support Tart Cherry Juice Super Strength 250ml

Title :

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Still 100% Montmorency Tart Cherry but with four times the phytomelatonin content of our Original Strength Tart Cherry! All the same benefits at a great price.

More convenient, more effective - a One Month Supply for an adult, and up to Six Months Supply for a small child!

All the sleep benefits are the same as our original Sleep Support Tart Cherry, you only need to have quarter of the amount.

Naturally occurring plant phytomelatonin that supports regular sleep patterns for a quality and restorative sleep
A natural source of potent antioxidants and anthocyanin antioxidants which support the immune system.

Montmorency Tart Cherries offer support for:
- relaxing into sleep
- returning to sleep when woken
- shift workers
- disrupted sleep patterns when travelling
- children who wake frequently
- mood balance & sress management
- lack of sun
- healthy energy levels
Support for sleep and healthy weight management
Contains potent anthocyanins that help to support good health and wellbeing

No added sugar
No artificial sweeteners
No colouring agents
No preservatives
Low Glycemic Index (GI-54) suitable for many diabetics
Each batch independently lab tested for over 200 agricultural residues
No dairy or nuts
Gluten free
May be enjoyed during pregnancy and breast feeding
No adverse effects are expected during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Drip free pourer - no mess!
HDPE Plastic - does not leach into juice or let in light for maximum protection


Consume daily before bedtime for at least one month
Adult serve 7.5 mls of concentrate
Child serving 1-5 mls

Keep refrigerated when ever possible
Do not heat
Consume within 2-3 months of opening
Freezing will extend shelf life to 12 months after opening


100% Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate
Contains naturally occurring plant phytomelatonin 27.1mcg per adult serve

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