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Roar Cooked Organic Jackfruit Chilli & Lime 300g

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The humble jackfruit is kind of a big deal … but cooking it doesn’t have to be. Our organic jackfruit meal starters are made using young green jackfruit which is renowned for its succulent texture and ability to carry flavour. The jackfruit is slow-cooked and flavour-packed so you can simply heat and eat this delicious plant-based dish with your favourite sides.

Organic Jackfruit Chilli & Lime is an intense Mexican-style dish with the tangy, fragrant flavour of crushed limes and cripes-that’s-zingy chilli.

Simply heat and serve in pulled jackfruit tacos, nachos, burgers, burritos or your favourite Mexican dish with fresh salsa, salad or slaw. Or toss over rice and veg with lashings of guacamole. Delicious in any cuisine suited to fresh, spicy flavours.

Certified Organic, plant-based, vegan.

Product of Sri Lanka.

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