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Enterosgel Sachets 10x15g

Title :

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The new fast-acting toxin-binding gel that adsorbs (binds) allergens, viruses, fungus, and pathogenic bacteria while leaving your beneficial micro-flora to flourish.

Enterosgel Product Highlights :

Drug free mineral based intestinal adsorbent gel (enterosorbent / binder) that's tasteless and easy to take 
Preferentially adsorbs medium size molecular weight organic and inorganic particles in the gut lumen so they pass out naturally with the stool
Binds toxins, allergens and pathogens from the gut, removing them from the body within 7-24 hours
Does not take away any vital vitamins or beneficial substances such as beneficial micro-flora
Contains no gluten, dairy, fat, sweeteners, sugar, flavours, colours or preservatives
Clinically researched for short and long term use

Binds and supports the removal of toxins and harmful substances associated with : 

Digestive upsets
Food Intolerances
Non allergenic detox

Enterosgel has a high safety profile and is an excellent detoxification support for anyone above the age of 1 year, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Enterosgel is ingested but not digested. The gel is not itself adsorbed; it only adsorbs (binds to and eliminates) undesirable substances (due to their size). While passing through the colon it collects and eliminates harmful substances naturally within 7-24 hours, without entering the metabolic processes of the body. An effective detoxification approach suitable for most patients.

The efficient adsorbing properties and sponge-like gel structure makes the product easy to take and get the fast relief without experiencing unpleasant side effects or conflicts with medications. Recommended to take 2 hours away from medication.

Enterosgel doesn't adsorb vitamins or nutrients. It adheres to and eliminates medium size opportunistic pathogens, toxins and heavy metals leaving micro flora to flourish.

Recommended to bind and support the removal of toxins associated with diarrhea, food allergies or sensitivities, nausea, flatulence and gastric issues. Can be taken at first onset of food poisoning or GI support whilst travelling.

Clinically researched for short or long term use. It is a natural product, based on 100% organic silica with a high safety profile.

Although it can be taken directly off the spoon, we recommend mixing into water or juice before taking.

Composition :

Polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (methylsilicic acid hydrogel) - 70% purified water - 30%

Suggested use :

Adults and Children over 15 : 1/1.5 sachet 3 x a day

Children aged 7-14 : 1/2 sachet 3 x per day

Children aged 1-6 : 1/3 of sachet 3 x per day

Wash down with sufficient amount of fluid (200 mls for adults and children over 7; 50-100 mls for children for children aged 1-6).

Use 2 hours before or after a meal or medication / supplements.

Also available in 90g and 225g tubes

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