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Absolute Essential Myrtle 10ml

Title :

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Ideal for use as an immune stimulant with its anti-infectious and pulmonary antiseptic properties. Assists the body to recover from chest infections and congestion. When used in 10% dilution in sports massage, acts as a balsam to muscles. Myrtle is also beneficial for inflamed and irritated skin, balancing acne prone and oily skin.

Chest & Respiration
To assist the body's natural respiratory and expectorant processes, add 1 drop to a carrier oil and apply to the chest as required.

Immune Stimulant
Anti-infectious and pulmonary antiseptic properties, Myrtle assists the body to improve immunity and fight infections.

Acne or Inflamed Skin
Assists in revitalizing irritated or inflamed skin as well as balancing acne prone and oily skin, add 5% to skin care blends.

Chronic Cough
Supports healthy respiratory function and clears congestion. Assists in recovery when used through steam distillation.

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