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Absolute Essential Immune Plus Organic 10ml

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This blend is designed to support healthy immune functioning and may be especially helpful during winter when you want extra ammunition against common ills and chills. It assists the body's natural processes of recovery to help you get you back to health safely and quickly. Suitable for diffusion, inhalation or bath.

Ingredients: Lavender Spike (Organic), Eucalyptus Australiana (Organic), Cypress (Organic), Tea Tree (organic), Pine Scotch (Organic), Manuka (Wild), Thyme Thymol (Organic).

Ill Health & Unexpected Sickness
Low energy, flu, colds, coughs, shingles; this synergy offers natural support when sickness interrupts your regular balance. It works in harmony with healthy body function and can be used safely with prescribed medicines when necessary. Always consult a healthcare specialist.

Immune Protection
A routine night-time diffusion or bath once a week with Immune Plus will give the immune system regular support to maintain naturally strong defences. Bath immediately when you add this blend and soak for an optimum time of 15 minutes (longer and the body increasingly reabsorbs released toxins).

Diffusion: 10 drops, allow 10 minutes, replenish as required.
Inhalation: put a few drops on a pillow, collar of pyjamas or on a tissue or add 5-10 drops to a steaming hot bowl of water and breathe deeply.
Bath: 10 drops mixed into bath water.
Massage: Blend 10 drops to 1 teaspoon of body oil.

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