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We Love Organics TeethDrops Healing 30ml

Title :

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Oral healing drops for sensitive and/or aching teeth and gums.

We Love Organics recommend using the Healing TeethDrops for pain relief and healing of acute tooth and gum aches and sensitivity.

Handmade fresh in small regular batches. 30ml.

About TeethDrops

We Love Organics handcrafted TeethDrops have been holistically formulated with pure certified organic therapeutic grade essential oils to help soothe and heal sore and sensitive teeth and gums.

Designed to help alkalise your mouth, while neutralising bacteria, We Love Organics TeethDrops may help to reduce oral sensitivity over time and support healthy oral ecology.

We Love Organics TeethDrops may help to…

Soothe and heal sore and sensitive teeth and gums.
Provide relief to aching teeth and gums.
Neutralise ‘bad’ bacteria and fungi while supporting healthy microbiome.
Reduce and alleviate infection, inflammation and gingivitis.
Support healthy oral care routines, such as oil pulling.
TeethDrops added to Oil Pulling not only make your swishing oil taste more pleasant but can also help to draw out and eliminate bacteria.
Quickly deliver powerful botanical compounds via the lipid layer of the gums to support oral and whole-body health from the inside out.
Stimulate lymph circulation including dental fluid necessary for the internal remineralisation of the teeth and gums.
Stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest and digest arm of the autonomic nervous system, that ensures remineralisation, healing and digestion take place.
Support the body’s own healing processes to restore oral health easily, effectively and naturally.
Support the immune system.
Whiten teeth by neutralising the bacteria that are responsible for plaque build-up.


Certified Organic Pure MCT Coconut Oil, Blend of Certified Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils including Peppermint, Clove Bud, Sweet Orange, Cinnamon Leaf, Rosemary, Oregano, Lemon, Myrrh.


Shake well before each use.

For toothaches: after brushing with Teethpaste, apply 1-3 drops to sore teeth and gums, let sit a moment and then spit out. Alternatively, apply Healing TeethDrops to a cotton ball and hold on the problem area. Do not swallow.

For cold/flu symptoms can be used as a throat gargle and mouth rinse: Add ½ dropper to ¹⁄₃ of a glass of warm water and swish around the mouth or gargle in throat, then spit out. Do not swallow.

For acute tooth and gum ache only, can be added to oil pulling: Add ½ dropper to 1 tsp. of your preferred swishing oil. Swish around mouth for 5-20 minutes, then spit out. Do not swallow.

For short-term use only.

Care Instructions

Always seal lid between use. Store out of reach of children and pets. Store out of direct sunlight. Best used within 12 months of opening.


Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or for young children. Always check with your healthcare practitioner before using products containing essential oils.


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