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Shroomhack Brain Booster 60g

Title :

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Brain Booster⚡️

With the powerful combination of Lions Mane & Cordyceps , Brain Booster is designed to give you laser focus & more sustainable energy through out the day so you can perform at your best when you need to. Perfect for Exams, Sports,Business meetings .

Vegan & Non GMO
Gluten FREE
Natural Flavouring Nootropics

Contains 60 grams of mushroom extract.

Every packet has 10 grams of the 6 seperate extracts which brings each packet to a total of 60grams

Also Shroomhack mushrooms are 20% beta-glucans so you can assure you are getting the highest quality product.

Use 2 grams daily in the morning with your hot drink or smoothie.

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