Home Testing Kits

Apr 06 , 2021

Home Testing Kits

We now have a larger selection of Prima home test kits! Home testing allows you to monitor your health easily and effectively, ensuring reliable results from the privacy of your own home. 

Why use a Prima Home test?

Home testing is an important development in primary healthcare where people are encouraged to take a more active role in monitoring and reporting their health. In some situations the tests provide important triggers to visit a health professional (such as with Bowel FOB, Prostate PSA and Helicobacter). With other tests such as Vitamin D, Iron and Vaginal pH you can speak with us here at Bethlehem Health Shop about natural health options to improve your results. As always, listen to your body and your health store consultant - with ongoing symptoms, pain or blood, always contact your doctor.   

Prima test kits are listed with Medsafe New Zealand and are manufactured to strict EU standards in Switzerland. They are backed by clinical research, giving trusted and accurate results

Vitamin D Test

Your Vitamin D status is an important marker for immune protection during this time of infection. However Vitamin D is also known as a “Super Vitamin” for its vast importance in the body. From being a mood enhancer and reducing anxiety, healthy Vitamin D levels support the absorption of Calcium for strong bones, weight loss, generally fighting disease and plays a crucial role in the life cycle of cells.

Sadly today we increasingly work indoors and due to concerns over excess sun exposure we are getting less Vitamin D.  

You can now test your Vitamin D status in the comfort of your home for just $44.90.

The test comes with full instructions and measures a range of Vitamin D levels from 10ng/ml (deficient) up to 100ng/ml (excess) and everything in between!

Iron Test

Iron is a crucial nutrient needed to produce haemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygen around the body and to the brain. When you are low in iron you may feel tired and have some difficulty concentrating. Taking the iron test is especially useful for women, teenagers, athletes, vegans and vegetarians. This test checks for Ferritin levels; the protein which carries Iron in the body - this is an excellent indicator of your iron status.

Test your ferritin levels (detecting above or below 30ng/ml) at home for $29.90.

Helicobacter Pylori Test

Helicobacter Pylori is a type of bacterium in the gut which is the cause of 90% of gastric ulcers; in rare cases the associated inflammation has been linked to stomach cancer. The bacterium gets into the mucosal lining of the stomach and can cause gastritis, indigestion and in some cases no symptoms at all.

With a positive result you are prompted to visit the doctor for a full diagnosis and treatment, which can easily clear up the bacterium. With a negative result, you can rule out Helicobacter Pylori as the cause of your digestive issues and can speak to us in store about alternative treatment options. Repeat testing is recommended.

Find out if you are positive for Helicobacter Pylori at Bethlehem Health Shop for $39.90.

This is just the beginning!

As well as the above test kits, we also have the following available:

  • Bowel FOB Test
  • Celiac/Coeliac Test
  • Multi Drug Test
  • Prostate - PSA Test
  • Thyroid TSH
  • Urinary Tract Infection Test
  • Vaginal pH Test

For more information or to check out the full range of tests available, visit WellLab online or come and visit us in store.