Gardening Guided by the Moon

Feb 03 , 2021

Gardening Guided by the Moon

Having been a keen gardener for many years I have always been aware that sometimes you plant and the result is a bit sad, other times you end up with such a glut of produce that you’re giving it away. I have loosely consulted the NZ Gardening magazine moon calendar over the years, but recently became even more intrigued with the Astrovision calendar which is a lot more detailed. There are handy wee icons on the various days of the month indicating primary gardening instructions and for more in depth detail a lunar gardening guide at the back.

There are two parts to figuring out the best time for specific tasks using the Astrovision calendar. First you need to know where the moon is in it’s cycle. The Waxing Moon is from New to Full Moon and the Waning Moon is from Full Moon to New. The Lunar cycle rotation covers four sections within these: New Moon to 1/4, 1/4 to Full, Full to 3/4 and 3/4 to New. 

The second part is having a look at where the Moon is in the Zodiac signs. The Lunar Gardening chart will show you the different signs, then you can go to the month and day you're wanting to check and see what zodiac the moon is in. You can find the icon in the lower right corner on that day (if no sign on the date, go to the previous day). These signs determine the fertile to barren periods within the month.  Planting is best done when the moon is in a fertile or semi-fertile sign. The first cucumber crop I planted this year fell into this category as I have had over 20 cucumber off two plants and still going. If you do plant when the moon is in a barren sign, plants will not do as well - like my second cucumber planting of the same type, same treatment etc and I’ve only had two off them!

Using the chart of the lunar gardening guide you also have information telling you which task is best on which days for weeding, fertilising, trimming, harvesting, grafting, pest control and so on. To give you an example in January there were three days in the month (the 4th, 11th and 31st) that if you trimmed/cut lawns, shrubs, hedges or trees the regrowth would be slow. However if you chose the 27th January to do the trimming the regrowth would be thick & lush. The timing of trimming/clipping can also be applied to personal use… ladies if you are wanting to grow your locks longer the 27th would have been the day to have a trim!

We have a limited number of Astrovision Calendars left for 2021 so be in quick to get your copy. We also have a shop copy that you are welcome to come and view in store.

Happy gardening from Eunice.